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Secure seals are also required in topical oxygen therapy to treat burns, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, and post-op wounds. The FDA approved topical oxygen device, marketed by GWR Medical, Inc. of Chadds Ford, PA, supplies an oxygen enriched environment around the wound area for extended periods allowing the wound to heal. The device is designed in two versions, a boot and sacral model. The boot model fits around areas of the leg and arms while the sacral model fits around the body itself. When positioned properly, an airtight cavity of oxygen surrounds the wound.

Seal designs molded of rubber and plastics meet the medical requirements of this topical oxygen device.


The check valve/relief valve assembly used in both models is critical to proper function. Both the check valve and relief valve functions are controlled by the double silicone diaphragm in the middle of the assembly and the two mating outer components (polycarbonate), which hold and center the diaphragm.  The check valve stops the flow of oxygen out of the bag if the patient disconnects from the oxygen source. The relief valve maintains the inflation pressure inside the bag so that the bag is inflated and maintains its optimal pressure setting. Combining these two functions into a single double diaphragm reduced the part count, eliminated separate springs and seals, and simplified assembly.

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