Planetary Gearbox for Pittman DC Motors

The new G30A planetary gearbox introduced for Pittman brand DC motors offers superior torque capacity, performance life, shaft loading capability, and low audible noise characteristics in a small, lightweight, and economical package. This gearbox is uniquely engineered to equip at least five different series of Pittman motors in various models to meet the widest range of gearmotor applications.


Their compact design suits smaller design envelopes. Standard diameters measure 1.200″ (30.5mm) for round versions and 1.496″ (38mm) for square types; gearbox lengths range from 0.895″ (22.7mm) to 1.585″ (40.3mm); and gearboxes weigh from 3.9 oz (110g) to 6.6 oz (186g), depending on model.

These powerful gearboxes can achieve reduction ratios to 46656:1 in 4:1, 5:1, and 6:1 multiples. The resulting combinations yield a total of 79 gearbox ratios that can be configured. Maximum load capabilities range from 106 oz-in (0.75Nm) for 1-stage models up to 1250 oz-in (8.80Nm) for versions with 4-stages or greater.

Sturdy and reliable construction incorporates sintered steel planet gears to promote high torque capacity and low audible noise; single-piece carrier plates with integral planet posts and sun gear that can be arranged as required to achieve the desired reduction ratio; and a 416 stainless steel output shaft protects against corrosion.

Options include square mounting flange, output ball bearings to accommodate high radial loads, and alternate shaft connections. Gearboxes can additionally be customized to satisfy application requirements.

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