Sauer-Danfoss introduces New Features for High Performance Fan Drive Systems

AMES, IOWA Sauer-Danfoss’ (NYSE:SHS) D Series cast iron fan drive gear motor now offers an integrated valve solution to match fan speed to cooling demand with the additional capability to reverse fan rotation for radiator cleaning.

Sauer-Danfoss’ D Series cast iron fan drive gear motor now offers an integrated valve solution, matching fan speed to cooling demand. It also reverses fan rotation for radiator cleaning.

The D Series motor offers the pressure, temperature, and radial load capabilities of a piston motor with the compact size, contamination resistance and cost advantages of a gear motor. The cast iron construction exceeds capabilities of traditional aluminum motors in applications requiring higher pressures, temperatures, and duty cycles.

The reversing function integrates a solenoid operated directional control valve to reverse fan rotation and a proportional relief valve to regulate fan speed. Dual shock/anti-cavitation valves limit pressure spikes during sudden reversals and allow flow to bypass the motor as the fan winds down. The directional control and pressure relief valves are available in two flow ranges minimizing pressure losses in the system. The 3-piece cast iron motor offers displacements from 14-45cc and utilizes pressure balanced thrust plates to maintain high levels of efficiency up to rated conditions of 276 bar [4000 psi] and 110ºC [230 ºF].

All D Series valve components are rated in excess of 276 bar [4000 psi] and are contained in a steel body to maintain full pressure and temperature capabilities. Deutsch connectors, high-temperature Viton® seals and an integrated shaft seal dust protector ensure long life in severe off-highway operating environments. Heavy duty bearings provide superior load carrying capability and eliminate the need for an external outrigger bearing.

The D Series motor is fully PLUS+1™ Compliant, ensuring seamless integration with PLUS+1 microcontrollers and other Compliant products, including sensors, joysticks, and graphical display terminals.


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