Aras Releases Innovator 10 PLM Platform

Aras Corp. today announces the debut of Aras Innovator 10, touted to deliver a new level of PLM platform scalability for enterprises with global supply chains. The software also features an HTML5 browser that greatly increases its ease of use, making PLM more accessible for business users.

Designed for businesses that need to re-platform their PLM environment to support requirements for large extended enterprise user counts and rapidly growing data sets. Improvements in this release also enable mobile application development and simplify cloud deployment.

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The latest release of Aras Innovator 10 offers a new level of PLM scalability and an HTML5 browser interface with a clean, modern design.

New improvements include:
Scalable–the software scales from 100 users to over 100,000 users on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, providing companies of all sizes with a new level of power.
Lean–this new release has fewer lines of code for greater efficiency and performance on standard hardware configurations.
Roles-based browser–the software’s new roles-based HTML5 Web browser interface with an Office 13-style design makes it easier for everyone to use.

New version’s improvements driven by customer requests

All the enhancements to the software platform were requested by customers or “community-driven,” says Aras President Peter Schroer. “As a company, our product roadmap is driven solely by our customers.”

The company’s web site offers an open forum in which customers–both large and small–can discuss the problems they are having and how they are using PLM to help address them. “Our online user forum enables them to learn from each other and share best practices. Regardless of the company’s size, their problems and struggles are the same.”

New browser, increased scalability opens PLM up to extended enterprises

Schroer believes that the combination of the new HTML5 browser and scalability will greatly facilitate use among larger companies with extended global supply chains. “The HTML5 browser client together with scalability for over 100,000 users enables true collaboration within companies and across the extended enterprise, making Aras Innovator 10 the best PLM platform for businesses with complex products and complicated processes,” says Schroer.

For companies that already have active Aras subscriptions, the upgrade to Innovator 10 is free, regardless of the amount of customization in their current deployments. For more details, visit the Aras subscription page.

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