Faceless HMI with built-in HDMI Interface and customizable resolution

As the newest cMT Series offering, the cMT-HDMI has all the rich HMI functionality found in the cMT series. Without a touchscreen and LCD, this HDMI-enabled unit can work with screens of any size, so that screen size is no longer a limitation for applications needing bigger displays. It can also allow touch control via

Interroll exhibiting conveyor solutions for hygienic food processing and dynamic storage

One of Interroll’s key exhibits at the IPPE will be the DM0080 drum motor platform. This innovative motor platform is to be predominantly used in modern conveyor belt systems in manufacturing, food and beverage, distribution centers and airports. It features a completely modular design and offers both synchronous and asynchronous drive solutions. Initially, motors with […]

AGV designs: Re-envisioning material handling

Autonomous or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are those compact wheeled conveyances that tote, tow, trailer, lift, shift, rotate, rack and store, or otherwise transport goods along defined paths set by guidance systems. New iterations of these robotic designs are on the rise. In fact, AGVs — a relatively mature technology in the field of robotics…

ISL modification capabilities expands dc motor customization for OEM applications

ISL Products Intl. has announced the expansion of its brush and brushless dc motor and gearmotor modification capabilities for dc motor customization — to meet the exact specifications of virtually every specialized OEM application. Newly enhanced engineering capabilities target a broad range of low-energy designs requiring high efficiency and extremely low current. In addition to […]

5MP VE Series smart camera from Banner Engineering detects fine detail on large targets

Banner Engineering now sells release of a 5MP VE Series Smart Camera for detection of fine details on large or complex targets. The new VE Series offering has the same ease-of-use, compact and robust housing, and intuitive on-board display as other VE Series Smart Cameras, but provides finer levels of detection and a wider field of

Wave springs basics video: Spring force, work height, materials, and installations

Within mechanical designs, tension, compression, and torsion springs take numerous forms to store and release energy. Wave springs are a type of compression springs made of flat wire. They are called wave springs because they have multiple waves per turn. The flat wire, along with the multiple waves per turn, combine to create the same […]

Retaining ring basics video: Stamped, eared, e-clip, and constant section

As with other joining hardware (such as cotter pins, screws, and bolts) retaining rings prevent mating components from excessive moving. In short, they create a removable shoulder preventing components from migrating out of proper position during operation. Retaining rings are thin, circular, metal components that can be either stamped from a sheet or coiled from […]

3DP leadscrew nut insert from Haydon Kerk boosts accuracy of 3D-printed prototypes

Now, a 3DP (3D-printed) leadscrew-nut insert prototype service from AMETEK Haydon Kerk gives machine builders a way to verify linear-motion design iterations quickly and more accurately. Engineers typically do not have access to 3D printers to do this prototyping. Instead, most of them contract with a third party to get quick turnaround on parts. With […]

Medical Device Manufacturing with Herrmann Ultrasonics’ HiQ DIALOG

From prototyping and product development to full scale manufacturing, medical device manufacturing can be a complex process – successful collaboration is vital. During the early stages of a project, Herrmann Ultrasonics is more than just a consultant — the company is a partner to help design the device for successful ultrasonic assembly, minimizing long term

SPIROL launches eCommerce for Coiled Spring Pins

SPIROL now offers a new, secure, and easy-to-use eCommerce platform at Shop.SPIROL.com. While all of SPIROL’s engineered components will eventually be available for purchase through Shop.SPIROL.com, the first product available for online purchase is the Coiled Spring Pin. As the inventor of the Coiled Spring Pin in 1948, SPIROL has set the industry standard for this

Beckhoff EL922x EtherCAT I/O for system-integrated overcurrent protection

Beckhoff now sells EL922x EtherCAT Terminal series, which directly integrates electronic overcurrent protection to safeguard 24 V DC system components in the EtherCAT I/O system. In comparison with currently available protection devices, costs and space requirements in control cabinets can be reduced without having to use conventional, inflexible stand-alone systems. With an extended range of

cMT-3072 and cMT-3103: Smart human machine interface (HMI)

Weintek now offers two new cMT series HMIs — the Weintek cMT-3072 and cMT3103. The cMT series models bring unprecedented visual experience with easy-to-edit project screens and built in window transition effects — plus support powerful connectivity, including MQTT and OPC UA, direct connection with data base, and more than 300 communication protocols. With the

Gearbox with near-full contact of meshing gears increases riveting rate for robotic fuselage assembly

The newest high-torque gearbox offering from WITTENSTEIN offers extreme torsional rigidity and the world’s first zero-backlash operation for applications that need superior precision in output motion. In contrast with other gear offerings that transmit power over lines of contact on gear teeth, meshing gears in the Galaxie make almost full-surface contact. This allows for tooth […]

MW Industries Aerospace Solutions: Metal components for aerospace

MW Industries, a leading provider of highly-engineered springs, couplings, specialty fasteners, machined parts and other precision metal components, has announced the launch of MW Aerospace Solutions to help address the specific needs of Tier 1 and OEMs in the aerospace and defense industry. MW Aerospace Solutions designs and manufactures springs, fasteners, and related products for

Video review: Computer monitor for design engineers and CAD/CAM work — BenQ PD2710QC

In a recent video I did with my esteemed colleague Paul Heney of Design World, I got the chance try out a BenQ PD2710QC computer monitor designed specifically for designers working in CAD, illustration, and animation. Most useful to design engineers is a CAD/CAM mode that renders better contrast on lines and shapes on technical

Video: ElectroCraft LRPX 22 and 32 gearmotors have operating ranges optimized to the subcomponents

In a recent video on new ElectroCraft motors, my colleague Paul Heney and I got to review integrated offerings that let designers get higher torque even while maintaining efficiency. The LRPX units are sold as gear motors — not as motor with added gearboxes. This means motor performance is optimized for gear input limitations. An eight-pole […]

New TKU 2040 indexing chain conveyor from mk North America

mk North America, a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems and other material handling setups, is announcing the introduction of a new addition to its product line, the TKU 2040 indexing chain conveyor. Intended to expand on mk’s KTF-P 2010 chain conveyor, the TKU 2040 is specially designed for indexing applications and boasts twin roller chains […]

Absolute type AZ Series stepper motor driver with EtherCAT from Oriental Motor

Oriental Motor now sells a DC-input AZ Series Multi-Axis Drivers with built-in EtherCAT communications. These are based on closed-loop absolute-type AZ Series driver. The AZ Series Multi-Axis Drivers with EtherCAT is a space saving, DC input, multi-axes controller and driver designed for applications demanding 2 or more axis of control and integrating EtherCAT communications from […]

Oriental Motor MDP Series axial fans now with IP68 protection

Oriental Motor now sells IP-reclassified fans — MDP Series axial fans from IP55 to IP68 degree of protection. The MDP Series axial fans are now suitable in locations prone to water splashing under IP68 classification. The MDP Series also includes a stop sensor that outputs a signal when the fan stops. IP68 protection prevents ingress

AMK SPINDASYN SEZ linear drive motor — rotor is integrated with screw

The new SPINDASYN SEZ electric cylinder from AMK Automation is a ready-to-install linear drive motor system in which the rotor is pressed directly onto the screw. Featuring high and constant force, high precision and position accuracy and high energy efficiency, the closed-loop positioning and force control of the SEZ make it an suitable alternative to […]

Weintek smart communication gateway cMT-G01 eliminates need for separate HMI

In a recent video with Design World executive editor Lee Teschler, we got the chance to review a Weintek cMT-G01 smart communication gateway. The new gateway is smart because it performs jobs that would normally require a separate HMI.  This gateway supports more than 300 protocols and controller brands.  That’s in contrast with other

New video: What is a PLC?

Programmable logic controllers — or PLCs — are microprocessor-based electronic components that serve as the programmable smarts for simple or isolated applications. Now they’re also finding increased use on integrated machines and more involved automation setups … PLCs came to being in the 1960s to replace relay-based controls — whole cabinets of relays and impressive […]

PID design using frequency-domain methods

With motion control applications, a PID or proportional + integral + derivative controller is often implemented using tuning or by a trial-and-error process on the shop floor. But modeling of the motion control system allows analytical derivation of the PID controller terms. By Tom Radigan | Advanced Motion Concepts Inc. Modeling a motion control system […]

New video: Parker mSR actuators and stages for sub-micron precision

In a recent video shoot with our esteemed colleague Paul Heney, I got the chance to experiment with miniature square-rail linear positioners from the mSR actuator series. Designed and manufactured by the Electromechanical & Drives Division of Parker Hannifin, this series of guided linear-motor driven positioners is engineered to deliver modularity and performance in a compact […]

Networking and IoT to support automated warehouse for e-commerce

The Internet has changed human life around the world, and one major way has been in the form of e-commerce. Annual U.S. retail e-commerce sales now exceed $320 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. It’s even sustained 15% year-over-year growth, and retail e-commerce sales now account for more than 10% of total sales. […]