1 1/2″ Double-Wide Linear Unit Can Carry A Ton

Download NB Tech Tips BECAUSE it has greater ball contact in its ground circular arches (tripling load capacity), the TOPBALL® line by NB Corporation can actually carry a load of up to one ton (2000 lbs). Having three times the conventional load capacity, TOPBALL products minimize space requirements.

August 2017 Handbook: Autonomous & Connected Vehicles + more

  The danger of treating autonomous vehicle control as a solved problem A panelist made an interesting comment during the recently concluded TU-Automotive connected car conference near Detroit. It happened during one of the many sessions devoted to software infrastructure and connected services. “In Silicon Valley, autonomous vehicle control and driving is viewed as a

Test & Measurement Handbook 2017

SEEN A GHOST? BLAME ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS WE’D like to think that the average viewer who tunes into a TV show on the SciFy channel called Ghost Hunters might get a laugh out watching investigators prowl around places that are reported to be haunted. But the show participants seem to be completely serious and unconcerned about

June 2017 Digital Issue: How CAD is changing the way you design + more

In this issue: 56 Kit encoders using magnetic operation 70 Higher accuracy drives linear measurement devices 76 Bearing design considerations for hand tools 82 How CAD is changing the way you design     Do we need to shift the engineering brand?   I had the chance to chat with Dr. John Walz, the new

February 2017 Digital Issue: Designer’s dilemma Can you have it all? + More

In this issue: 88 MOTION CONTROL: Troubleshooting VFDs 101—with no-power checks 102 Digital Issue: Designer’s dilemma Can you have it all? 108 FASTENING & JOINING: Structural bonding solutions for plastics 114 3D CAD: Design for use   Engineering has diversity problems beyond women For years, we’ve written about the gender problem in engineering education—why can’t

December 2016 Digital Issue: Smart motors make high-tech e-bikes + More

In this issue: 68 Smart motors make high-tech e-bikes 94 MOTION CONTROL: Realtime control SoCs improve drive designs 100 LINEAR MOTION: Force-current relationship important when using linear motion for part production 118 MECHANICAL: Slip clutches: Where they excel   What’s the future for industrial distribution? Distribution continues today to be a player in many areas

GE Expands Predix Platform to Advance Industrial Internet Opportunities for Customers

Predix adoption demonstrated through deals with BP, Exelon, NEC Corporation, Port of Los Angeles, Teledyne Controls, UCSF • GE releases new suite of Predix applications and services; introduces the Predix System • Acquisition of Bit Stew Systems enables efficient data ingestion for industrial applications • Acquisition of Wise.io strengthens machine learning and data science capabilities

What’s Cooking? How Bit Stew, GE’s Latest Digital Acquisition, Spices Up The Industrial Internet Of Things

Thomas Edison famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Kevin Collins can relate. By fanning the embers of a promising idea for years, he built his powerful machine learning company called Bit Stew. Now GE, the company Edison founded, just acquired it for an undisclosed sum. GE made

Design World Issue: Motion System Applications + more

In this issue: 18 Ballscrews Better ballscrews, more applications 32 Cabling Cables customized to specific applications 110 Wave Spring Wave-spring uses abound in motion designs   Precision design: When it goes wrong and when it goes according to plan By Lisa Eitel | @DW_LisaEitel • WELCOME to the second annual Motion System Casebook from Design

November 2016 Digital Issue: Ethernet cabling helps upgrade F-16 aircraft + More

In this issue: 21 Ethernet Cabling: helps upgrade F-16 aircraft 58 MOTION CONTROL: Manufacturers respond to the Internet of Things for nextgeneration motion systems. 68 LINEAR MOTION: Surface degradation due to friction typically arises from lubrication problems. 74 MECHANICAL: The range of applications for hinges is expanding and so are the types of positioning technology

Making the Right Micro Motion Choice

Download the MICROMO Ebook Considering a coreless DC motor for your next application? Can’t decide between brush and brushless? Despite their simplicity, selecting a small DC motor for an application can still be a daunting task.

October 2016 Issue: Tight turns, top speeds + More

In this issue: 48 New conveyors: Tight turns, top speeds 76 MECHANICAL: Bearing friction basics: A primer 90 FLUID POWER: Trends in hydraulic fi tration 98 3D CAD: How the Internet of Things will bolster design   What will 2026 bring? This month, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of WTWH Media and its flagship publication,

Electronic enclosures manufacturer TEKO improves product selection

Electronic enclosures manufacturer TEKO has launched a new fully responsive website for better browsing on the move. TEKO’s new website enables users to compare plastic and aluminum enclosures and accessories faster and more easily. In just a few clicks users can compare standard sizes and colors; see available accessories; download materials information, pdf datasheets, dwg

New app measures energy savings for industrial enclosure A/C systems

Schaumburg, IL – Rittal Corporation, the world’s largest enclosure manufacturer and a leader in thermal management of electrical, electronic and IT equipment, introduces the ChillZone app, an energy savings estimator for the Blue e+ line of industrial enclosure cooling solutions. The ChillZone app, which is available for immediate download in the Google Play™ and Apple®

Motion system trends issue: High Power Meets High Precision in Micro Motion + more

In this issue: 36 BEARINGS Technical update on ROTARY BEARINGS 48 CABLE MANAGEMENT SUMMARY OF TODAY’S CABLE-MANAGEMENT OPTIONS 110 GEARMOTOTRS An overview of GEARMOTORS   MOTION SYSTEMS; EVOLUTIONARY CHANGE…and then some EACH year, the Design World motion editors prepare this special Motion Systems Handbook aiming to give our readers an overview of the basics of

September 2016 Issue: Eyes in the sky: Mapping disasters

In this issue: 26 DESIGN NOTES: Eyes in the sky: Mapping disasters 60 MOTION CONTROL: Motor manufacturers design motors for food and beverage applications that dramatically improve safety. 78 LINEAR MOTION: Linear motors compete with technologies that output high forces. 114 FASTENING & JOINING: Surface mount spacers simplify installation.   Will shifting job roles make

August 2016 Issue: Pulley bushings upgrade medical robots + more

In this issue: 58 MOTION CONTROL: Minimizing stepper vibration with affordable technology 64 LINEAR MOTION: Encoders help linear motion stages reach higher levels of accuracy and performance 72 CONTROLLERS: Select the right machine controller for your application   What can you do with your creativity?   Engineers often get a bad rap as geeks who’d

Selecting Pneumatic Linear Slides for Automation Projects Tech Tips

Download the Fabco Air Ebook A pneumatic linear slide combines an air cylinder power source with a guide mechanism that supports the workload over a precise linear path. They can perform tasks as simple as a pressing operation, or as demanding as multiaxis robotics.

Opto 22 Releases PAC Project Automation Software v9.5

Enhanced software suite includes IIoT integration through a RESTful API to controller tags and I/O—an automation and controls industry first Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 has announced immediate availability of version 9.5 of PAC Project™, a Microsoft® Windows®-based integrated software development suite for industrial automation, process control, remote monitoring, and Internet of Things applications. The

Solutions for Consumer Product Designers – explore SOLIDWORKS

Download the SOLIDWORKS® Ebook Moving from 2D to 3D design has allowed many successful manufacturers to expand, grow, and innovate. 3D design generates time, cost, and material savings; improves workflows, processes, and product quality; and fosters creativity, inspiration, and innovation.

July 2016 Issue: More torque or better efficiency + more

In this issue: 70 LINEAR MOTION: Controllers keep trains on track 78 MECHANICAL:UL Listed or UL Recognized which cable is the right one? 82 TEST & MEASUREMENT: The basics of motor testing   Could your company operate without its data?   “What do these names have in common: Sandworm Team, Lizard Squad, Comment Crew, AnonGhost,

June 2016 Issue: How to choose an industrial lubricant + more

In this issue: 56 MOTION CONTROL: Why is preload necessary in some bearing applications? 70 MATERIALS: Make the right choice for metal coating for the right application 80 MECHATRONICS: Five keys to mechatronic success   The romantic notion of manufacturing jobs   It is trendy to speak of bringing back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

Test & Measurement Handbook

You’d have to say there are a lot of used oscilloscopes floating around. A quick search on eBay recently turned up 16,355 listings for used scopes. A Craigslist search for scopes near me in Cleveland, Ohio found 16 instruments on offer, interesting in that Cleveland is not exactly a capital of high-tech. One wonders if

Expand Your Business with Microsoft Azure and Windows 10

Advantech is collaborating with Microsoft® to serve customers with an integrated IoT solution that works with Windows 10 IoT and Microsoft Azure, combined with Advantech’s technical support to ensure connectivity and device compatibility. The IoT solution is a versatile and comprehensive IoT infrastructure platform providing flexible application resources and building blocks that let system integrators

HTI Technology acquires Klauber Machine & Gear

HTI Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired Klauber Machine & Gear, Co. on June 1, 2016. This acquisition will combine HTI Technology’s expertise in AC and DC motor and drives systems with Klauber’s technology and market leadership in AC and DC gear motors. The companies’ complementary technology and market capabilities will