Battery-Operated Wireless Pulse Counters Help Collect Utility Consumption Data

H2O Degree announces the release of the new 10-year-life, battery-powered, two-channel wireless pulse counters. The units monitor and record dry-contact pulses from submeters and utility meters to record consumption utilizing a 32-bit, cumulative pulse counter registered for each of the two channels. The data is then reported via a battery-powered wireless radio compatible with H2O Degree’s secure wireless 2.4 GHz mesh network.

The compact (5.4in H x 3.3in W x 1.7in D) H2O Degree pulse counters are easy to install and reliable in operation. Commissioning is easy. The installer simply initiates a radio transmission, receives LED indication and confirms a successful radio transmission. The units have a warrantied 10-year battery life and continue counting pulses – even if the radio is unable to transmit data. Non-volatile memory maintains the last reading if transmission is interrupted due to power failure.

The battery-powered wireless pulse counter is available with a LCD display (model M54232) or without a display (model M54230), and both models support water, gas and BTU meters. The H2O Degree pulse counters comply with U.S. and European regulatory approvals and come with a ten-year warranty. H2O Degree continues to offer the M54130 line-powered 4-channel pulse counter that also functions as a repeater in the H2O Degree wireless mesh network.

President of H2O Degree, Don Millstein, said: “Our new two-channel wireless pulse counter makes it easy for meter reading service providers/RBCs and property managers to remotely collect the utility data they need for their new or existing installations. We’re pleased to add this feature-rich pulse counter to complement our portfolio of advanced submetering systems.”

H2O Degree

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