Bimba Ultran Rodless Cylinders support high loads

The high coupling strength of Bimba’s ( Ultran rodless cylinder allows it to support higher loads without the piston uncoupling from the carriage.

This is attributed to the magnets on the piston and the carriage which creates a strong bond that seamlessly holds them together. Once the cylinder is actuated, the carriage and piston move back and forth as a single unit.

Ideal in feeding, transferring product, opening doors and cutting applications, the cylinders feature anodized aluminum end blocks and carriage as well as 4301 stainless steel body and nine bore sizes. To meet the needs of various applications, the cylinder also comes with two magnetic coupling strength options — Gold and Silver. The Silver variant employs two sets of magnets instead of three, while the 8 mm bore uses four sets of magnets.

Bimba Ultran Rodless Cylinders

Designed with easily-accessible carriage lubrication port, the cylinder is prelubricated at the factory for kilometers of maintenance-free travel. Stainless steel body and “U” cup seals provide lower dynamic friction and special rare earth magnet configuration enables the cylinder to deliver high magnetic coupling strengths.

Featuring a leak-free construction, the lightweight cylinder also comes with internally lubricated piston seals for longer service life and optional bumpers to minimize noise. Available in two models, the cylinder’s life can be significantly lengthened by adding lubrication through direct introduction of oil or air line mist lubricator every 160 linear km of travel. The company also offers other types of prelubrication.

Meanwhile, the load carrying capabilities of Bimba Ultran Slide rodless cylinder can be enhanced by external shock absorbers. If used properly, the shock absorbers can also improve the service life of the cylinder.

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