Step Motor Basics

Step motor basics calculator / converter featuring torque, speed, inertia, distance, resolution, and some common industry terms.

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Medical Device Manufacturing with Herrmann Ultrasonics’ HiQ DIALOG

From prototyping and product development to full scale manufacturing, medical device manufacturing can be a complex process – successful collaboration is vital. During the early stages of a project, Herrmann Ultrasonics is more than just a consultant — the company is a partner to help design the device for successful ultrasonic assembly, minimizing long term [Read More]

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Cheap laughs: Looking inside public recycling containers

Leland Teschler, Executive Editor On Twitter @DW_LeeTeschler Ready for a few laughs? Peek into a recycling bin sometime. The experience can be entertaining if you are amused by widespread misperceptions of what constitutes recyclable material. One glance inside a recycling container may lead you to conclude that the public is clueless about materials that [Read More]

Large atomizing spray nozzle covers 360°

EXAIR’s 1/2 NPT internal mix 360° hollow circular pattern atomizing spray nozzle atomizes fluid and sprays away from the nozzle in all directions, up to 13 ft in diameter. These nozzles are suitable where a liquid application is needed in a broad area, such as dust suppression, humidification and cooling. They can also be used [Read More]

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