Test & Measurement August 2015 Handbook

No nostalgia for old test instruments The media constantly reminds us that the capabilities we can get in our laptop computers and PCs have grown exponentially over the past few decades. Though it has gotten much less press, the same phenomenon applies to electronic test instruments. For evidence, consider the Heathkit Model 10-4205 oscilloscope I

Design World Digital Edition August 2015

In this Issue: How to keep machines and people safe Dean Kamen: making the world a better place through engineering Linear Motion: Don’t rule out lead screws Design for industry: How timing belt propels hovercraft

Wireless and RF Handbook: an electronic engineering resource

In this issue: • Wireless charging for your coffee maker • How to spec inductive coils • How to sniff out EMC problems • Analyzing millimeter frequencies with external harmonic mixing • Cellular amps boost mobile and M2M applications • Better materials for better antennas • Testing wireless devices for electromagnetic compatibility • Basics of

Design World Digital Edition July 2015

In this Issue: Designing slides into electronic enclosures. Motion Control: IP65 rating and what it means for your application. Mechanical: New material for radial shaft seals increases uptime. Test & Measurement: Turning to captive panel screws.

Power Electronics Handbook: A how-to electronics engineering resource

In this issue: • Power converters with GaN • How to evaluate cutting edge power semiconductors • Working with Wirewounds • Cool calculations – Thermal analysis • Choking off EMI/RFI in off-line switchers • Small batteries for wireless devices • Selecting power supply connector pins