Conveyor functions are as varied as the applications they complete. 

Conveyors for discrete product transport benefit from customization to satisfy requirements. Consider warehouse automation where the objective is ultra-fast sorting and tracking. Such applications need conveyors with servomotor functionality integrated with inspection stations fitted with machine vision. 

This classroom has references that detail types of material handling with conveyors

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Conventional belting & plastic modular belting

Technical summary

What are pallet conveyors?

Recent advances in materials, controls, and modular subcomponents have spurred new large conveyors for bulk material transport.

Pallet conveyors transfer discrete products on carriers referred to as pallets typically transported by belt, roller chain, or flat-top chain.

Plastic modular belting has transformed manufacturing. Understanding differences can help engineers plan & determine the most suitable conveyor for a given application.


2023 Product Range

Materials Handling Solutions

Parvalux designs and manufactures both AC and DC geared motors with industry-leading reliability and durability, perfect for conveyor systems that work continuously, sometimes for decades at a time.

Parvalux catalogs contain information on the different product types that they manufacture, as well as the different services and industries that benefit from Parvalux electric geared motor products.

Industrial Automation Solutions

Conveyor Belt Motors

Process automation has transformed the manufacturing industry and many tasks are now undertaken by robots, with clear benefits to productivity, operator safety, quality assurance and cost reduction.

Parvalux manufactures conveyor motors, sorting system motors, packaging machine motors and much more. When you need reliable operation, you can trust Parvalux to safely power your application. 


What are chain-on-edge conveyors and where are they used? 

Conveyors help medical-product manufacturer package + store product

Conveyors with backlighting + robotics automate outlet production

Conveyors are the backbone of many factories, moving parts and materials through assembly or processing stations via chains, rollers, belts, or pallets.

Michigan-based Byrne Electrical Specialists designs and manufactures power and data technologies for office, teaching, and hospitality environments.

Now, a production line centered around conveyors from QC Conveyors is helping one medical-device manufacturer boost production of sterile product.

The automation best addressing supply-chain

Robots, conveyors, and machine tools help the modern manufacturer automate to solve skilled-labor shortages.

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