Developments in additive manufacturing service bureaus

Additive manufacturing service providers offer a range of capabilities to help you make your parts fast.  Fast Radius is an industrial manufacturer that offers services in cutting edge 3D plastic and metal printing technologies, CNC machining and rapid injection molding. But it’s the company’s On-Demand Production Platform that makes the company different from other additive service providers. The platform delivers fast quotes, fast production and ensures reliable, high quality. This manufacturer delivers nearly unlimited manufacturing capacity and capability for quick-turn part production to customers from all industries. Plus, it is co-located with UPS hubs in the US and external manufacturing partners, which speeds turnaround.

Customers visit the Fast Radius website (formerly CloudDDM) to place their 3D printing orders, which will be directed to the optimal manufacturing location or The UPS Store location based on speed, geography, and the product quality the customer requires. Orders can be shipped as early as the same day. While participating The UPS Store locations are all in the U.S., companies globally could use the network and place orders.

With the Fast Radius On Demand Production Platform, products are made closer to buyers. Thus, buyers will not necessarily need an inventory, can make smaller quantities, customize a product to local needs and conditions, and reduce logistics and shipping costs.

Listen in as Rick Smith, co-founder and CEO of Fast Radius explains how he sees additive manufacturing services evolving.

Leslie Langnau

Make Parts Fast