From 3D modeling to 3D printing: Lumitoro makes fashion model-worthy jewelry with Autodesk Fusion 360


A Lumitoro designed and 3D-printed bracelet

The fashion world has long been fascinated by the possibilities of 3D printing technology, and now jewelry designers have the 3D technology to finally bring their ideas to life. One of the first in the world to produce high-end fashion jewelry exclusively through 3D printing is Roberto Chaves, a man with multiple talents in the design field.

Chaves and his team are the founders of the up-and-coming Swedish jewelry brand Lumitoro, which was launched during Stockholm Fashion Week in 2013. By combining stylish, geometric, aesthetic and cutting-edge 3D design with the use of Autodesk Fusion 360 and 3D printing technology, the Lumitoro team creates delicate jewelry in high-quality materials such as silver, raw bronze, stainless steel, nylon and gold.


A Lumitoro necklace 3D printed in sterling silver.

The Challenge

Lumitoro wanted an end-to-end solution that would let them iterate and move through to prototype and production phases.They needed software for precise 3D printing that used solid modeling with specialized materials.

One of the fundamental concepts behind Lumitoro’s designs is creating captivating geometry that compels curiosity and exploration. Chaves and his team want people to think and question the world around them, and believe the best way to do so is through beauty and experiences that make you curious. “We had been looking for software that could merge mathematically correct organic forms. Fusion 360 was the answer,” recalled Chaves.

The End Result

Lumitoro had heard about many other startup companies using Fusion 360 to tackle both design and fabrication challenges and disrupt their respective industries in the process. That idea really resonated with Chaves and his team.

In Fusion 360, Chaves found what he considers to be the only cloud-based 3D software that gives him the power to create both technical and organic designs that end up as solids and can be manufactured. He said that Fusion 360 provides “flexibility like I’ve never seen in my 20 years of using different 3D modeling tools, but it is also affordable for a small startup.”

“Fusion 360 is a tool that finally lets me work with solids in a fast and intuitive way and also work with organic modeling in the same software with mechanical precision,” Chaves continued. “It’s a dream come true for me.”


Fusion 360 allows Lumitoro to create one-of-a-kind organic designs while maintaining the technical precision required for production with 3D printing.

Lumitoro models its designs in Fusion 360 and then directly outputs STL files for 3D printing and production.

Lumitoro subscribes to Fusion 360 on a monthly basis, and Chaves saud that he is pleased with the steady updates and easy access to the latest features.

“Lumitoro would not have been able to launch or exist without the proper tools. For us, these tools are a combination of easy-to-use and powerful CAD software—including Autodesk Fusion 360—and 3D printing technology that empowers me to take an idea all the way to a physical product in a fast and cost-effective way.”

“I can create truly unique designs using these technologies that otherwise would have been impossible only a few years ago.”

Lumitoro jewelry is now available for sale on its website


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