IKO standard miniature bearings


iko-bearing-imageIKO’s standard miniature bearings line is now available in rail widths from 1 to 25-mm with wide-bearing options as high as 42-mm. They are also available in up to four different lengths—compact, standard, long and extra-long in many sizes.

The variety of widths and bearing lengths enables designers to easily tailor a miniature bearing system to specific payload requirements. IKO’s largest miniature linear bearings with the larger bearing lengths can handle much higher dynamic and moment loads than expected from a miniature unit. The largest miniature models for example, have dynamic load ratings in excess of 16,600 N (LWLG25) and moment load ratings over 320 N•m (MLFG42) in the roll axis.

To ensure its miniature bearings keep running smoothly, IKO has integrated its C-Lube long-term lubrication system into many units, which offers a controlled release of lubricant over 20,000 km of operation. C-Lube technology can be integrated into bearings as small as 3-mm wide.

Other options to increase design flexibility:

Interchangeable components, even with light preload.

Corrosion resistant coatings.

Ceramic balls.

Stainless steel or carbon steel rails.

Stainless steel end plates for applications with thermal extremes.

Bottom-mounted, threaded mounting hole rails.


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