Donwell Company

The Donwell Company, a licensed TeflonTM applicator, is an industry leader in surface preparation and coating applications. Donwell applies high-performance coatings including non-stick, non-wetting, heat resistant, chemical resistant and cryogenically stable to temperatures as low as -450 ̊F (-270 ̊C). Coatings from a variety of manufacturers can be applied to metals, elastomers, composites, rubber, ceramics, glass and more. We are capable of accommodating parts from miniature to 20 feet, from one-piece to large production runs. Donwell’s experience with high-technology coating applications and knowledgeable personnel provide engineering assistance to customers with all types of coating application needs.

Quality materials and workmanship are the focus of every coating project handled by Donwell Company to ensure that our work meets commercial, aerospace, military and medical specifications, where applicable. Donwell has a Quality Management program utilizing Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Continuous Improvement with a goal of zero defects. Ensuring the quality of Donwell’s coating services requires attention to surface preparation, coating thickness, curing procedures and coating integrity. Our quality system provides for prevention and detection of non-conformance, timely corrective action and analysis of information to evaluate quality and effectiveness. Donwell’s quality system complies with ISO 9001 and has been approved by major military, commercial and aerospace manufacturers.

For over 50 years, Donwell has been applying coatings to meet many aerospace, medical, industrial and military specifications. Coatings are applied electrostatically by state-of-the-art methods for ease of application, complete coverage and cost effectiveness. They can be applied to many substrates, including metals, elastomers, composites, rubber, ceramics and glass. Curing temperatures range from ambient to 1000°F (540°C). Our knowledge of the properties of coating materials from many different manufacturers allows us to apply the right coating to meet each customer’s needs. We also offer a liberal prototype and sample policy that enables potential customers to evaluate a coating application prior to production.

The high-performance coatings with which we work can be used in an almost unlimited variety of applications including medical parts, electronic devices, hardware, appliance parts, bearings, valves, pumps, gaskets, hand tools, automotive parts, industrial equipment and more.

Donwell Company, Inc.
130 Sheldon Road
P.O. Box 906
Manchester, CT 06042-2388
Phone: 860-649-5374

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