Low-speed, high-torque motor for stationary applications

Eaton Hydre MAC Radial Piston Motor web 300x288Eaton Corp., Eden Prairie, Minn., will highlight its latest hydraulic motor technology at its IFPE booth 80230 March 4-8, with the launch of Hydre-MAC,a low-speed, high torque (LSHT) direct drive, radial piston motor. Featuring a cam lobe design—which is a unique design for this type of motor—it is designed for variable speed applications that uses less energy to deliver more power when needed. With its low-speed performance, Hydre-MAC is ideal for offshore, marine, metal recovery, mining, pulp and paper and off-highway stationary applications.

While I was at the Eaton Distributor Meeting last September, I was lucky enough to see an open version of this motor in operation, highlighting its slow speed and movement of the pistons. See the motor in operation here.

The Hydre-MAC motor was created using a MacTaggart Scott heavy-duty motor design. It increases component life with two inlet and outlet ports reducing pressure drops at high power; by generating less heat overall; and through a symmetrical 18 piston/roller assembly design, which eliminates piston side-loading and reduces wear and tear.

To help users maximize uptime—a crucial element to successful operations—the
Hydre-MAC motor is a direct drop-in replacement for the industry’s most installed motor, a design by Bosch Rexroth’s Hägglunds division. This will reduce switching costs by eliminating the need to replace the machine shaft and torque arm.

Longer component life extends motor life, which not only increases uptime, but also reduces the total lifetime cost of ownership. Hydre-MAC’s repairable wear surfaces, including shaft seals, wear rings, piston seals and bearing pads, can be replaced on-site by one of Eaton’s distribution partners.

The motors are available in displacements of 20,160 cc/rev (1231 in.3/rev) and 25,320 cc/rev (1546 in.3/rev) displacements.

In addition to this product launch, Eaton will also be launching its Pro-FX Electronic Controls and Software at the start of IFPE. I was also introduced to this product line at EDM, with a look at the company’s Pro-FX microcontrollers, which feature state-of-the art processors and memory, and are rated for –40° to 105° C. The complete line includes HFX programmable controllers, VFX programmable displays, electronic switch modules, and Pro-FX application software.

To learn more about Eaton’s Hydre-MAC motor, visit www.eaton.com/hydre-mac or www.eaton.com/pro-fx for details on these new controls. Or visit the Eaton booth at 80230 in the South Hall during IFPE.

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