Qultimax™ Elastomers & Thermoplastics Portfolio From Minnesota

Designers of custom molded parts greater than 3 inches (7.62cm) in diameter that require durability, chemical resistance, or low coefficient of friction properties while maintaining quality and high precision will find Qultimax™ a great solution for challenging applications.

Qultimax™ is a proprietary portfolio of materials and formulations developed by Minnesota Rubber and Plastics. An important design feature of Qultimax™, is that it does not adversely impact any of the materials’ bulk properties including compression set. This allows it to maintain its original form and sealing force, retaining integrity throughout a product’s life cycle. Qultimax™ also does not change the high performance attributes of the product including severe chemical exposure to acids, bases and solvents and thermal stability at temperatures as high as 500˚F (262˚ C).


Low CoF of Qultimax™ provides resistance to bonding and sticking to other materials making it a good aide in assembly and disassembly operations. Stiction also is greatly reduced, ensuring negligible degradation when the device is not in use. Also with Qultimax™, unlike coated solutions, there is no micro-cracking or flaking when subjected to stretching that can occur during installation.

Qultimax™ has application in the water industry for large pipe seals, pressure valve adapters and flow meters. In transportation, Qultimax™ is ideal for transmission housing seals, brake system components and bellow devices. In power applications, Qultimax™ is ideal for baffles, piston rings and battery seals. Beyond these applications, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides the most technologically advanced materials and design support to produce parts for critical applications.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides worldwide sourcing capabilities and pricing with technical resources and project management capabilities. Its corporate wide quality systems include ISO 23485, ISO-TS 16949, ISO 9000 and ISO-14001 in all facilities.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

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