Any company wanting to survive in tomorrow’s marketplace has to start breaking new ground now by focusing on innovations today.

ARGO-HYTOS is tackling this challenge by constantly seeking new ways to secure tangible benefits for its clients – through functional integration, ongoing costcutting and continuous quality improvement. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality and efficiency.

These are our declared goals, as many of our past achievements have already verified. Take the world’s first composite hydraulic filter, for example, or the first return-suction filter and the first large-series high-pressure filter up to 690 bar (10,000 psi). All of these products have set new benchmarks – and all are products that have become the standard in the fluid technology sector.

We at ARGO-HYTOS think far beyond the field of filtration technology. We use our modular fluid and motion control technology products to implement intelligent solutions in the smallest possible space. We have mastery over the interface between hydraulics and electronics, and we take advantage of ultra-modern magnetic and proportional technologies to achieve complex solutions that deliver cost-effective precision.
ARGO-HYTOS is one of the innovators when it comes to sensors and measurement technology. For instance, we developed the first particle counter calibrated to ISO 11171, operating in conformance with the new ISO Standard 4406. This breakthrough instrument provides reliable monitoring for hydraulic systems, guaranteeing their ability to function and ensuring their reliability.

To maintain our innovative strength, ARGO-HYTOS reinvests a high percentage of our profit in research
and development

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