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At Douglas, we believe in the power of image and the importance of function. Whether it's a product nameplate, a membrane switch or a graphic overlay, how you present yourself tells your customer exactly who you are. It's our job to work with both image and function. Enhance it. Present it in a unique way. Create a look that's functional, memorable and above all pleasing to the eye.

Douglas Corporation has been supplying unique product graphics to all types of OEM manufacturers around the world since 1933. With five facilities in the state of Minnesota, we are committed to manufacturing in the United States and at the same time providing cost-effective and unique solutions for high quality nameplates, membrane switches, graphic overlays and decorative trim. We maintain two manufacturing plants in Eden Prairie, MN, one plant in St. Louis Park, MN, one plant in Minneapolis, MN and another facility in Staples, MN.

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