Enfield Technologies

Enfield Technologies has been providing advanced automation control solutions since 1991. Our patented servo-pneumatic systems provide infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels.Enfield Technologies systems are the preferred choice of designers in industrial automation, product testing, and animatronics because our systems operate faster and smoother than alternative systems.

Our systems are built into the processing, assembly, testing, and packaging machinery for some of the best known manufacturers in the world. We have also helped animate live motion characters that you have seen in major motion pictures and at theme parks.

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Miniature proportional valves

Enfield Technologies introduces the new PFV family of Enfield 2/2 proportional valves for variable liquid and gas flow. Some key differentiating features are: Low hysteresis (±5%) Consistent opening voltage/current from valve-to-valve (each valve is calibrated and “locked-in”) Submersible/Wash-down – Check out the video below for two valves in a fish tank! Stainless Steel and Viton–Wetted path [Read More]