Established in 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia, Fabrico, a division of EIS, has grown from a single 7,500 foot facility with three employees into one of the largest firms offering engineered solutions for flexible materials in North America.

Fabrico is recognized as a leader in electrical insulation materials and now provides design and manufacturing services to power generation, medical device, automotive, and other markets as well.

Fabrico offers a wide range of product design and engineering capabilities including custom die cutting, rotary die cutting, and a variety of custom fabrication services.

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Structural Adhesives: An Alternative to Mechanical Fasteners

by Craig McClenachan, Vice President, Advanced Assembly, Fabrico Structural adhesives, in both liquid and tape formats, are assuming a more important role in a number of industries as replacements for mechanical fasteners. Here’s what you need to know to apply these adhesives. In the North American transportation industry, including automotive and aerospace, structural adhesives are [Read More]


Innovative Materials Help Protect LCDs and Touchscreens

By Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor The touchscreen display market should reach $14 billion in 2012, according to a report from IDTechEx, with an ongoing compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36% through 2014. While the largest growth will continue to be in consumer products including tablets and smart phones, there is also growth in LCDs [Read More]

Selecting Ideal Gasket Materials

Weatherproof gaskets protect equipment from harsh environmental conditions including heat, dirt, dust, rain, and snow. They are critical in such applications as renewable energy junction boxes, inverters, and other “connect-to-grid” enclosures, as well as others. Material and adhesive selection and testing are critical to the success of any weatherproof gasket application. Suitable materials for gaskets [Read More]