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Groschopp is an American manufacturer of electric motors and gear motors in the fractional horsepower industry. Groschopp works with OEMs and distributors to design DC, AC, Brushless DC and Universal motor solutions. Groschopp offers both inline and right angle gearboxes (Planetary, Parallel Shaft, Right Angle Worm and Right Angle Bevel) as well as AC and Brushless DC speed controls.

With decades of industry experience, Groschopp has designed custom gearmotor solutions for companies in a variety of industries. Groschopp also offers a 48-hour turnaround time for many small projects and sample motors.

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Groschopp announces AC Motor-Control combo with chassis enclosures

Groschopp, Inc. is currently setting apart its AC motor-control combo by implementing strategic compatibility design measures. When matched with Groschopp motors and gearmotors, the DA1225K-0 and DA1215K-0 reduce...

Motion Control Tips

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Groschopp: Motor Search Made Easy

Many search tools in the electric motor industry only allow you to choose search parameters from a drop-down menu. The problem with this method is that drop-down menus limit search combinations, making it difficult and time consuming to find a motor that fits your exact specifications. Groschopp’s new motor search tool utilizes a grid layout [Read More]


Groschopp Launches User-Friendly Website

Groschopp Inc. recently launched a mobile-friendly website that focuses on making the search for a motor or gearmotor simple for the user. The website,, adds a new motor search tool that enables users to easily maneuver through Groschopp products. “Motor manufacturing websites can be overwhelming to use because of the complex navigation options. Our [Read More]

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Groschopp Inc. is a manufacturer of highly engineered fractional horsepower electric motors and gearmotors for OEM and distribution products.

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