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Custom Formulated Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings

With over 35 years of experience, Master Bond is a leading manufacturer of advanced adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting/encapsulation compounds and impregnation resins. Master Bond offers over 3,000 grades of specially designed polymer systems, including one and two component epoxies, silicones and UV curable compounds that can be formulated to meet precise application requirements.

Specific grades meet different certifications including:

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Epoxy-based, dual curing adhesive

Master Bond UV22DC80-10F is a single component, nanosilica filled compound featuring a UV and heat curing mechanism. This thixotropic, moderately low viscosity compound has a viscosity of 8,000-12,000 cps at 75°F (~ 23°C). It provides outstanding dimensional stability and physical strength properties. Additionally, UV22DC80-10F is optically clear and offers the ability to be cured in [Read More]


Special adhesives bring clarity to optic applications

Fiber optic, opto-electronic and photonic applications must have superior transparency, requiring optically clear epoxies, polysulfides, and silicones that exhibit excellent light transmission. Contributed by Rohit Ramnath, Senior Product Engineer, Master Bond Optical transmission, the ability for light to be channeled through a material, is particularly important for fiber optic, opto-electronic and photonic applications. As a [Read More]

Thermally Conductive, Electrically Insulative Epoxy Delivers Low Exotherm for Large Castings and Potting Applications

Master Bond EP39MAOHT is a room temperature curing system for demanding bonding, sealing, coating, potting and encapsulation applications. “It is a versatile product that combines convenient handing, good flow, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and high temperature resistance,” said Robert Michaels, vice president of technical support. “Its toughness lessens the chance of stress cracking when thermally [Read More]

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mb-wp-thumbnail_ultra-low-thermal-resistant-adhesives-electronic-applications_200x260Ultra Low Thermal Resistant Adhesives
For Electronic Applications

As advances in epoxy and silicone materials constantly evolve, manufacturers of advanced electronic systems will find that adhesives offer the ability to meet nearly any combination of requirements for thermal, environmental, and structural stability.

As product manufacturers face greater challenges in assembling die, package, and other components into products able to cope with increasing heat loads, adhesives are uniquely qualified to meet these increasingly diverse requirements. Learn more about why ultra low thermally conductive adhesives are the preferred fastening approach in applications requiring careful thermal management.