PTI Engineered Plastics

Founded in 1984, PTI Engineered Plastics is a privately held company. We started as specialists in product development, prototyping and low-volume manufacturing. As our customers’ needs grew, so did we. The evolution moved us into the higher-volume manufacturing services arena while still maintaining our core ability to develop products. Today, we have an industry-leading advanced product development team that provides innovative solutions from designing for manufacturability, complex problem solving and helping to streamline your project.

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PTI offers the hybrid Lumex Avance-25 for additive manufacturing needs

One concern a number of engineers have about additive manufacturing and 3D printing is the finishing process. How can this process be made simpler and easier? In the...

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PTI Engineered Plastics Adds High Heat Molding Cell in Facility

PTI Engineered Plastics will be offering their customers a high-heat molding process commonly used with plastic resins like PEEK. This new molding cell has two injection molding machines outfitted for handling high process temperatures as high as 850° F and mold temperatures in excess of 460° F. According to Mark Rathbone, CEO, we see a [Read More]


PTI Adds Maruka FCS Servo Assist Hydraulic 660 Ton Press

Customer Driven –Listening to their customers’ needs for larger clamping forces prompts PTI Engineered Plastics to acquire the Maruka FCS. This model is one of the most energy efficient hydraulic machines in the industry and offers up to 70% power savings over a conventional hydraulic system. The new Maruka FCS has a Servo driven hydraulic [Read More]

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