PVS Sensors Inc

PVS Sensors Inc, located in West Union , South Carolina, USA is a design and manufacturer of Pressure, Vacuum, Differential and Temperature Switches, complimented with an extensive range of Pressure, Vacuum and Temperature Transducers. In the majority of cases the switches are UL recognized, RoHS and CE compliant. In addition specific models are WRAS approved.

The pressure range of switches are available in both diaphragm and piston design with emphasis placed on a compact, simple and competitively priced product for many mobile, industrial, hydraulic, pneumatic, process, water and many other applications.

The PVS design and manufacturing team have a combined experience of more than 50 years and are available should there be a need for a specifically designed product.

Our website - www.pvssensors.com is continually updated to include recent additions to the product range. We are also available via email: sales@pvssensors.com or via phone: 1-800-988-1276.

PVS Sensors Inc is supported by our team of application engineers as well as both Domestic and International Distributors.

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