Established in 1921 Ringfeder Power Transmission GmbH is the market leader in keyless shaft-to-shaft and shaft-to-hub clamping devices e.g. Shrink Discs, Locking Assemblies, Locking Elements, and more. Acquisitions have expanded our product portfolio to include a full line of couplings including Rigid Disc, Elastomeric, Shear, Wrap, Metal Bellows and Servo-insert couplings to go along with our leading position in Dampening Technologies. Our markets served include but are not limited to Material Handling, Food & Beverage, Packaging Equipment, Test Equipment, Aerospace, Defense, Motion Control & Automation, Metals, Renewable Energy, Seismic Mitigation, Mining, and Oil & Gas.

Our belief is Ringfeder’s job is to simplify the work our customers have to do in relation to the products and services we provide. We accomplish this goal by organizing the company to be Easy to do business with, have process that are Simple and Flexible to meet the customer’s needs, provide Fast response times, and most of all are Reliable so the customer can count on us to deliver.

Ross Rivard
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End-to-end coupling solutions for for cranes and hoists

When it comes to gearbox coupling applications, some misalignment is unavoidable. This is especially true for cranes and hoists due to their very heavy loads. Fortunately, you can manage misalignment by choosing the right couplings. Here are some options specifically for cranes and hoists: Connecting The Gearbox And Cable Drum Recommended for crane-lifting mechanisms, barrel […]

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How does shore hardness relate to elastomer inserts in couplings?

Coupling Tips

By Joyce Laird, contributing editor Precision elastomer couplings are used for a variety of applications in which a customer may need backlash-free torque transmission, vibration damping, electrical isolation,...

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New smart-lock set saves time, space

Coupling Tips

Ringfeder Power Transmission announces its new RfN 4001 Smart-Lock set, a flexible, economical hollow shaft connection for interlocking multiple solid shafts. With minimal installation labor required, Smart-Lock reduces...

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