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ROLLON has been a leading international linear motion manufacturer since 1975, providing linear bearings, actuators, and linear motion products that surpass the needs of design engineers involved in machine design applications across all industries, including plant assembly, packaging design, transportation, manufacturing and medical device development.

The biggest added value of ROLLON's product families is given by the ability to personalize the product according to the application so that, if needed, the product becomes 'unique for each customer'.

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Simple support structure improves warehouse packaging module efficiency

An improvement in packaging efficiency required attention to ergonomics, ease of assembly, and cost efficiency. Danielle Collins, senior editor Automation is changing how traditional distribution centers operate as companies search for new ways to maximize their efficiency, increase order accuracy and fulfill customer demand. When it comes to automated technology, most people tend to think [Read More]

Linear motion for robotic handling in automated warehouses

When designing and configuring an automated warehouse, one design goal is to keep the system as light and compact as possible. Depending on the size of the load being moved, there are two common types of automated warehouses. In lighter applications, aluminum structures can handle loads up to 100 kilograms, while steel structures are good […]

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Motion and control objectives for automated storage and retrieval systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems are a key enabler of the next-day delivery we’ve come to expect from online retailers. But like other types of automation, AS/RS equipment must meet the customer’s objectives for safety, footprint, and energy efficiency. It used to be that as you drove through industrial suburbs, just beyond cities such as […]

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