Tormach LLC

Tormach, LLC is a premier manufacturer of affordable CNC mills and accessories.

Tormach is dedicated to helping people enter the world of CNC manufacturing, by providing affordable small CNC machines (personal CNC machines) and related products. But that is only a part of what is needed to accomplish that. Through our website, engineering documents, manuals, training, software, tooling, and engineered accessories, we are working to make CNC machining easy to learn and productivity quick to achieve.

At Tormach, our mission is to empower people who make things. We are dedicated to providing exceptionally engineered small CNC machines, tooling, and related products with best-in-industry technical support and customer service. Our focus is to help our customers turn their concepts in to reality by providing the tools and information that help them be successful with CNC. Our flagship products are our PCNC, or Personal CNC, series of machine tools. PCNC mills have become the CNC machine of choice for inventors, small/boutique manufacturers, garage entrepreneurs, product developers, hobbyists, educators, and people who make things around the world.

Featured Articles & Products

Fixture Plates and Why You Should Use Them

Machining parts is easy… work-holding is the hard part! Fixturing, part setups, and work holding is a never ending skill. Any time I have the chance to tour a factory, walk a trade show, or talk shop with another machinist, I try to learn as much as possible about workholding. There are countless creative uses [Read More]


Select Materials Based on Lessons – not Fear

Letting students take control of the CNC machine for the first time each semester can be terrifying enough if they were paying attention to your wise words of caution, but we all know some of them weren’t taking studious notes. An easy way to save your machine and nerves is to give your students forgiving [Read More]

Tormach RapidTurn Transforms CNC Mill into Lathe

Tormach Inc. today announced the release of Tormach RapidTurn, an innovative 5C CNC chucker lathe attachment designed for use with the company’s PCNC 1100 or PCNC 770 mills. Tormach’s engineers are excited to bring RapidTurn’s affordable and capable turning solution to customers. Product highlights include: Powered by PathPilot: RapidTurn runs on PathPilot, Tormach’s approachable yet [Read More]

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