SV15 High Flow Solenoid Valves from Comatrol

Comatrol ValvesComatrol introduces the SV15 High Flow Solenoid Valves. The 11 cartridge valves have flows up to 60 LPM (16 GPM), giving customers a technical alternative to some CETOP D03 (NG6) valves. Additionally, the SV15 family extends Comatrol’s existing portfolio of spool-type solenoid valves, now with 46 different valves to choose from for on-off directional flow control.

The larger cavity provided by the 15 size allows for higher flow capacity than many similar cartridge and CETOP D03 products in the market. With this range of 11 high flow, spool-type solenoid valves with maximum flow capacities of 50-60 LPM (13-16 GPM), customers have the flexibility to apply the right product for each application. For additional application flexibility, Comatrol’s spool-type solenoid valves now come in four cavity sizes – 08, 09, 10 and 15 – and flow ranges from 6 LPM (1.6 GPM) to 60 LPM (16 LPM). The SV15 valves have a rated pressure of 210 bar (3000 psi), based on NFPA fatigue test standards (at 1 million cycles).

Additional optional features include, depending on the valve, 300 micron filter to protect the actuator from large particles, a push-pin manual override, and coils with diodes, and AC current. Comatrol’s SV15 coils are designed for incorporation on machine control architecture with Sauer‐Danfoss PLUS+1™ hardware.

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