Two-axis rotary assembly provides fast micromachining capabilities

One new system from IntelLiDrives — a yaw-tilt rotary system with precision worm gearing — delivers positioning accuracy to 30 arc-sec; repeatability to 10 arc-sec; and speeds to 60 rpm. The design allows yaw rotation to 360° and tilt rotation of ±95° of loads to 10 kg.

The integrated two-axis rotary assembly provides high-speed micromachining capabilities for complex 3D part geometries and for general testing, purpose pointing, scanning and tracking applications for small optics, antennae and other sensors. More after the jump.

The precision-aligned system allows accurate positioning on a hemispherical surface.

The system incorporates a high-performance rotary stage for excellent stiffness and load capacity — so it works in myriad applications … especially in motorized versions sporting high-torque NEMA 17 stepper motors.

The stages come with optional rotary encoders mounted to the back of the stepper motor to provide closed-loop servo performance with IntelLiDrives ServoStep controllers.

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