Finally! An Alternative to Slewing Ring Bearings with Heavy Duty Rings and Vee Guide Wheels

BWCpicWhen heavy loads need to be automated or supported by large capacity bearings there are few options for selecting standard products. Slewing ring bearings are often selected for heavy load applications and can be supplied in large diameters. However, the use of slewing bearings should be carefully scrutinized due to their high cost, long lead-times, difficult installation procedures, and frequent service maintenance. Heavy duty rings with vee guide wheels are a viable alternative to slewing bearings because in many cases they can meet the load capacity and life expectations in heavy load applications. Just like slewing rings, heavy duty vee rings can be rack and pinion driven on the inner or outer diameters and feature significant load capacities. However, additional features of vee guide technology provide improvements beyond the limitations of slewing bearings.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How heavy capacity vee guide wheels and rings meet the design criteria for slewing bearing applications.
  • About the key features and design concepts of heavy capacity vee rings.
  • How vee guide technology can meet your bearing life expectation, minimize installation time and extend service maintenance intervals.

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