Webinar: Servo System Design Best Practices Using PC-based Control Technology




This educational webinar will cover a range of PC-based control software tools that can be used for highly efficient motion system design.

Best practices will be reviewed from servomotor sizing, to motion profile creation, to configuration of a motion system based on an application’s requirements in terms of load, torque, speed, duty cycle and more. Webinar attendees will also learn new approaches for drive system tuning and configuration using various software tools available now in TwinCAT 3 from Beckhoff Automation. These advanced tools include Scope, Bode Plot and the new Motion Designer tool, which provides a comprehensive graphical interface to design advanced motor and drive systems on your machine.

Additionally, tips for adhering to major industry standards, such as PackML will be reviewed. Modular drive concepts and one cable motor hardware advancements will also be covered along with recommendations on how to reduce cabling, cabinet size, and ultimately, machine footprint.

Key Takeaways:

  • Servo system design in PC-based control architectures, from sizing to commissioning
  • Key considerations when determining load, torque, speed, duty cycle, etc.
  • Overview of advanced PC-based control software tools used in motion system design
  • How to leverage graphical Motion Designer tools to boost system performance

 Matt Prellwitz, Drive Technology Application Specialist, Beckhoff Automation North America

Matt Prellwitz is Drive Technology Application Specialist at Beckhoff Automation North America. In this role, Prellwitz supports customers and colleagues in the implementation of advanced motion control systems in numerous application areas. His areas of expertise include servo systems, CNC platforms, robotics and kinematics, advanced motion system design and more. He also interfaces on high level North American projects with product managers and developers at the Beckhoff global headquarters in Verl, Germany.

Prellwitz has been with Beckhoff for 11 years, holding multiple application engineering and technical support positions, and has accumulated 13 years of industrial automation experience overall. Prellwitz is a graduate of Alexandria Technical College he holds a Manufacturing Engineering degree in Automated Systems.

Miles Budimir, Moderator, Design World 

Miles Budimir holds a BSEE degree, has several years of engineering experience including designing industrial control systems, and has been covering the motion control industry for over 13 years.




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