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Encoder Products Company (EPC) is a world-wide leader in the design and manufacture of rotary encoders. In 1969, CEO William Watt developed an innovative cube-shaped encoder and launched the company from his garage. Today, EPC manufactures a diverse line of AccuCoderTM brand advanced incremental and absolute rotary encoders for OEM and MRO customers in nearly every industry.

A modern, vertically integrated 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Sagle, Idaho serves as both Global and Americas Division headquarters. The Asian and European Divisions are supported by EPC’s China and UK facilities. EPC products are available through a network of qualified industrial distributors and resellers as well as direct sales channels

EPC believes that each and every customer deserves our very best–quality products, superior service, and expert support. By adhering to this founding principle, EPC has maintained long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers throughout four decades of steady growth.

New Standards In Rotary Encoder Design
Inventors of the original Cube encoder, Encoder Products Company (EPC) has delivered numerous “firsts” in encoder design. Many EPC innovations have not only been widely imitated, they are now industry standards.

Advanced Sensor Technology
At the heart of EPC’s high-performance encoders is its Advanced Opto-ASIC sensor design. This feature integrates many previous board-level components into a single chip with uniform material properties. In addition to greatly reduced packaging size, it allows for a generous sensor-to-disk air gap, resulting in clean, stable signal output over a wide range of operating conditions.

Engineered For Harsh Duty
The Model 725 Industrial Housing option was developed for applications in harsh industrial environments. In this design, an internal hollow-bore encoder is coupled to the external shaft and secured by an internal flex mount, minimizing the effects of shaft loads. Recent enhancements include an exclusive double-lip true-IP67 shaft seal and dual O-ring case seals. Also upgraded bearings are now rated to loads of 80 lbs axial/radial. All these features combine to isolate the encoder’s electronics from shock, vibration, dirt, dust, moisture and other external hazards. This novel “encoder-within-an-encoder” concept is also found in the MA63S muli-turn absolute and the HD-10 Heavy-Duty Cube Housing, with 95 lbs radial load bearings.

Linear Measurement Made Simple
Previously, many encoder measuring wheel applications involved cumbersome and costly ad-hoc spring and pivot arm assemblies. In response, EPC developed the Tru-TracTM line of encoders. They feature an integrated, fully-configurable encoder, an internal spring-loaded pivot arm and a precision measuring wheel. The TR1 TruTracTM is a general purpose unit that includes a single 6” wheel. For applications with irregular surfaces, heavy shock, dust and moisture, the TR3 Heavy Duty TruTracTM employs a ruggedized metal pivot arm and a single or dual 12” circumference measuring wheels.. For reciprocating linear motion, EPC offers the TR2 TruTracTM with a precision pinion gear and rack system. Alternatively, the Linear Cube Encoder (LCE) incorporates a 50” draw-string module with an Model 716 cube encoder. Finally, EPC offers the world’s largest variety of encoder measuring wheel sizes, bores, materials and profiles.

Versatile Performance
Designed with versatility in mind, the Model 25T features 0.25” thru 1.125” bore sizes, 20C to 105C rating, IP66 seal and up to 10,000 CPR. Its housing design features a chemically stable, high-strength polymer and integral cooling fins. This lightweight design means less mass is attached to the mounting shaft, an important benefit in many applications. This compact single unit eliminates the need for separate size 20, 25 and 35 through bore encoders.

Customer Support
EPC is committed to supporting customers in selecting, applying and servicing their encoder. EPC offers Expert Cross Reference Service, short Standard and Expedite lead times, a 3-year warranty, a staffed Repair department and live technical support available 5AM to 4:30PM Pacific, M-F.


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