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Airpot Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of ultra low friction, super-responsive pneumatic piston and cylinder motion dampers and actuators. Our unique seal-less construction and combination of materials allow unsurpassed longevity, high cycle rates without lubricants, smooth operation at extreme temperatures, and instrument quality performance for low to medium force and energy levels.

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Airpot introduces 5.6 mm bore anti-stiction cylinder

Airpot Corp. now sellsMP5 Airpel Plus — the newest, smallest bore cylinder in its Airpel family of Anti-Stiction air cylinders. With a bore size of only 5.6 mm and a maximum outside diameter of 9.8 mm, MP5 is for low-force pneumatic actuation requiring the most sensitive pressure response and precise, accurate, gram-level force control. MP5 Airpel is […]

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Air bearing/actuator guaranteed to outlast any machine

The Airpel -Air Bearing provides force without friction, which is made possible by a stainless steel piston that is fitted to a borosilicate glass cylinder. The introduction of...

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Piston and cylinder sets offer unmatched capabilities

Airpot has a new line adaptable piston and cylinder sets. Constructed using a graphite piston borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder...

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