Candy Controls

Since 1960, Candy Controls has designed innovative motion control products for the packaging, processing, printing and converting industries. Customers all over the world are using Candy’s products to make on-thefly rotary position and timing adjustments for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Candy’s precision differential gearboxes, servo reducers and zero-backlash couplings play an important role in process optimization.

Candy’s traditional products include foot and shaftmounted differentials that improve product quality and productivity by allowing dynamic position control for virtually any type of rotating application. Processes that are dependent on precise placement, cutting, forming, filling, sealing, etc., may incorporate these devices to improve productivity by increasing product quality while reducing down time and material waste.
Candy continues to build on its tradition of supplying precision rotary motion control products with the recent introduction of the Accu-Gear, a full line of precision in-line and right-angle planetary reducers, and Coup-Link, a comprehensive offering of zero-backlash, flexible-shaft couplings.

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