For 50 years Remke Industries has been manufacturing one of the largest & most diverse lines of electrical connectors in our suburban Chicago facility. When you choose Remke, you say goodbye to logistical nightmares like delivery times and product quality from offshore producers. Made-in-the-USA means we’re literally & physically closer to you so that any of our cord connectors, wire mesh grips, or molded connectors and cordsets can be delivered when you need them. Made in America is important to us - it’s why at least 95% of our products are manufactured in our Illinois facility. And we offer you the Remke Flexible Solutions Center which is 100% dedicated to designing custom products, specials, adaptations and variations. Solving your application problem is Job 1 and no order is ‘too small’. That’s how we’ve always done it & always will.

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50 Years of Applied Wisdom Launches Remke to the Next 50 Years

It’s taken Remke Industries 50 years to become a premier manufacturer of electrical connectors, cord grips and more, building the business from the ground up. During that time,...

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Corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel connectors

Expanded family of Remke Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel (CRSS) connectors from Remke includes standard cord connectors, liquid-tight conduit fittings, watertight conduit hubs, jacketed metal clad cable connectors and ventilation...

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Remke Appoints Tom O’Gara CEO

Remke Industries is pleased to announce that as of January 2013 Tom O’Gara assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer. As Chief Executive Office (CEO), Tom will be responsible for the strategic initiatives of the company and he will continue to direct the finance, IT and human resources functions.  Tom had been president of Remke [Read More]