Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC)

VPC offers over 50 years of unparalleled experience and expertise in the field of Mass InterConnect solutions.

Used by test and measurement professionals in the fields of defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, and more, VPC provides the critical connection between the tester and the unit under test (UUT). By using a receiver on the tester side and mating it with an interchangeable test adapter (ITA), our modular and scalable solutions allow multiple types of I/O to be easily mated at one time, simplifying the test process.

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VPC Awards Plaques for Three New Design Patents

Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) awards plaques for three design patents to five of its engineers: Randy Garman, Darryl Ashby, Randall Herron, Chris Church, and Lucas Harman. The designs come from VPC’s Product Development Team and Product Design Team, which research and develop concepts for technology improvements and future products for the company. The patents include [Read More]