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American Control Electronics has much more bandwidth than the other manufacturers of low HP drives. Our model is built on providing customized solutions to meet your power control requirements. Whether you require a DC drive, an AC drive, a custom drive, a custom PCB, custom cabling or a unique firmware solution, our engineering and production teams are ready and able to assist. Our solutions have helped customers in industries as diverse as: UV water treatment, conveyor, packaging and sorting systems, low voltage propulsion, steering control, recreational equipment, battery powered boat propulsion, tire balancers and brake lathes, power doors, drawers and slides, and even personal amplification systems.

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Filament extrusion machine builder gets industrial-grade performance with custom gearing and a PWM drive

Filabot, a manufacturer of plastic-extrusion machines for the 3D printing market, has just released its new and improved EX6 filament extrusion machine. The Filabot EX6 improves overall extrusion process control and consistency compared to previous models, by adding features which are standard on industrial-scale extruders. The EX6 has a higher output compared to other systems […]

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Smart drive finds its true “Voice”

When the team at California-based The Scenic Route was tasked with designing the rotating chairs on the TV show The Voice, they knew the contestants weren’t the only ones that would be in the spotlight. Although it was a simple application, the chairs required a degree of motion control that an older style shaft turner [Read More]


Customizable low-voltage DCH Series Actuator Control resolves common issues for superior flexibility and cost savings

American Control Electronics (ACE) announces the DCH Series Actuator Control, combining an AC to DC switching power supply with a regenerative PWM drive to create an all-in-one solution...

Motion Control Tips

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