The most reliable instrumentation is just good enough for your application. Therefore, you should make Endress+Hauser your partner for sensors and components. You will then fully profit from the experience of a technology leader and have the know-how of a competent team at your disposal.

Forming a technological partnership with Endress+Hauser customized sensors and components, offers you expert guidance to meeting challenging application requirements. The Endress+Hauser partnership will provide technical consultation from the first idea, to joint development of working prototypes, all the way through recurring production to ensure consistent and predictable delivery of the customized devices.

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Pressure transmitter with low-power output

When low-power consumption is critical for off-shore applications, this low-power pressure transmitter may be a good choice. The PMP71 pressure transmitter has a 1-5 Vdc Low Power output option that draws only 17 milliwatts of power at 9V, thus it consumes less power during operation than other voltage-output pressure transmitters in the market. This low-power [Read More]


Customized transducer for differential pressure applications

The UTD20 is a customized transducer that features a piezo-resistive silicon sensor for differential pressure applications. Outputs are voltage or UART digital. Measuring ranges from 0 to 1.5 bar–the measuring range and zero set point can be set. Accuracy is < ±0.5 % of the nominal range (total performance) and temperature range is from -40 to 85° C. Other features include: • Sensor preconfigured […]

Sensor Tips

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Sensor Measures Conductivity and Temperature

Conductivity can be an important measurement in phase separations, chromatography, fermentation, clean in place (CIP), monitoring and ultrafiltration applications typically found in pharmaceutical, food, life sciences and other...

Sensor Tips

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