Keystone Electronics Corp.

Keystone personnel take pride in meeting all requirements, efficiently and promptly. Our skilled and dedicated technicians, experienced production personnel and customer service teams have made us an industry leader.

All Keystone facilities are fully integrated with 3D/CAD product modeling and CAD/CAM precision tool and die operations. Applications and Engineering specialists utilize progressive dies, four-slides, wire forming, in-die tapping and high-speed blanking, along with automated machining, to produce tight tolerance standard and custom products. Secondary operations include Tapping, Drilling, Assembly and Finishing.

Application engineering services are available for product modifications or special design requirements. Products appearing in Keystone’s new and expanded Catalog M60 comply with RoHS and REACH directives. Keystone is an ISO-9001:2008 certified company.

Featured Articles & Products

New Keystone Facility Expands Capabilities and Service Levels

Keystone Electronics recently moved its corporate headquarters and manufacturing operations to a new world-class facility designed to greatly improve efficiencies and productivity.  Conveniently located at 55 South Denton Ave. in New Hyde Park, NY, this new location is double the size of the former facility in Astoria, NY.     The move is the second [Read More]

New, Keystone Battery Holders with PCB Connectors

A broad, new selection of Keystone’s popular plastic battery holders now includes the option to have holders with a PCB connector plug pre-installed to the end of 6” wires for simplified installations. These durable battery holders are molded from Polypropylene or ABS with polarity tabs and markings to ensure proper polarity and connectivity. Spring contacts [Read More]

Keystone Part Builder

New Keystone Website “Part Builder” System

A user-friendly, interactive “Part Builder” system that enables viewers to quickly and easily identify requirements from a vast selection of standoffs, spacers and handle parts, is an exclusive feature on the homepage of Keystone Electronics Corp. website: Visitors can select from a variety of product attributes (Length, O.D., Thread Size, Material, etc.) to locate [Read More]

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