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For more than 30 years, Delta Tau Data Systems has been making the most powerful, most versatile and, if you measure cost in terms of throughput, the most cost-effective motion controllers in the world which are applied to general automation, robotics, and machine tool applications to name a few. From operating the world’s fastest pick-and-place machines, to the more commonplace application of precision motion control in machine tools, assembly lines, and process production lines, Delta Tau motion controllers are hard at work improving quality, increasing productivity, and lowering costs per part. In fact, with over 500,000 motion controller installations worldwide, Delta Tau’s products play an important role in virtually everyone’s, everyday life.

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New Motion Controller Boosts Machining Speed and Accuracy

Delta Tau has launched its new Power PMAC NC motion controller aimed at improving machining speed, accuracy and surface finish by using advanced servo and kinematic algorithms. With a state-of-the-art CPU and a huge 2GB program buffer, this next-generation Power PMAC controller has greatly improved computational power and generates trajectories which run 25 percent faster [Read More]

Power PMAC IDE Version 1.6 Release

PowerPMAC IDE version 1.6.x.xx requires uninstallation of the previous versions of this software. If the installer’s built-in uninstall for the previous version of the IDE fails, please use...

Motion Control Tips

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