Meet Roboy 2.0, the little humanoid robot

He is 4 years old and 1.40 meters tall, with a rather large head. He speaks fluent English and German. However, he can’t walk. He was last seen in Munich. Roboy, the little robot: Born in 2013, the humanoid robot with the large round eyes made his first appearance at the “Robots on Tour” exhibition

The motor either turns or it doesn’t

Women are still vastly outnumbered in engineering professions. Why is that? And what can be done about it? Two female maxon engineers talk about their experience and share some advice. Petra Bründler (development engineer) and Lynn Braunschweig (technical project management) work in different units at the maxon motor headquarters in Switzerland. Their jobs are in

Taking a closer look at these resources under the sea

The surface of the ocean conceals many secrets – unexplored depths, grotesque life forms, and precious resources. To find these resources, a Norwegian company has developed a technology for scanning the bottom of the ocean in greater detail. At a depth of 1000 meters, it is ice cold and dark. No natural light penetrates here.

Young Engineers Program

The maxon Young Engineers Program (YEP) supports innovative projects that use electric drive systems. Share your vision with us so that it can become reality. Benefits for the participants As a participant in the program, you will enjoy a number of benefits: Motors, gearheads, and controllers at discounted prices or even free of charge. Technical

Taking a closer look at blood

High-tech machines analyze human blood samples, detect coagulation disorders and thus help to save lives. The maxon sales company in France does not only supply the appropriate drives – in fact, it builds entire conveyor modules. A peek inside. Our blood is a fascinating fluid. It transports oxygen and nutrients, fends off foreign objects and

600 meters below the ice

The kilometers-thick ice of the Antarctic holds many secrets. For decades, scientists have made use of ice-core drilling to research the history of the global climate. Among these scientists is a team from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). With a new technology, the researchers can drill into the ice eight times faster. The British organisation

Under power: from “furka” to “gotthard”

From 0 to 100 km/h in 1.513 seconds – that’s a new world record for electrically powered vehicles. It was set by AMZ’s “grimsel” race car in June 2016. Their latest machine bears the name “gotthard. The project is backed by the Academic Motor Sports Club Zurich (AMZ), founded in 2006 by students of ETH

Always improving: medtech, medical devices and advanced surgical methods

Every surgical operation has inherent risks. New technologies help to minimize these risks, with robotic assistance in eye operations or flexible tools for complex brain surgery. Medical technology is a field with very dynamic development. New devices and technologies reach the market every year. Current trends include stress reduction through advanced surgical methods, further minimization