November 2017 Digital Issue: Bad robot: Will you trust your autonomous vehicle?

The manufacturing plant of the future I had the opportunity recently to tour Jabil’s Blue Sky Center in Silicon Valley recently, and I came away very impressed. Jabil, sometimes called the $20 billion company that no one’s heard of, is one of the three biggest contract manufacturers in the world—and is the largest such firm

The danger of treating autonomous vehicle control as a solved problem

LEE TESCHLER EXECUTIVE EDITOR A panelist made an interesting comment during the recently concluded TU-Automotive connected car conference near Detroit. It happened during one of the many sessions devoted to software infrastructure and connected services. “In Silicon Valley, autonomous vehicle control and driving is viewed as a solved problem. The real emphasis is on making

Test & Measurement Handbook 2017

SEEN A GHOST? BLAME ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS WE’D like to think that the average viewer who tunes into a TV show on the SciFy channel called Ghost Hunters might get a laugh out watching investigators prowl around places that are reported to be haunted. But the show participants seem to be completely serious and unconcerned about

Power Electronics Handbook 2017

In this issue: 2 The tough problems in power design 8 Teardown: Inside Ikea’s smart LED bulb 28 The basics of thermistors in thermal management 43 How to be smart when selecting a fan for forced air cooling   The tough problems in power design AN ANNUAL RITUAL takes place in the upper echelons of

Power & energy efficiency handbook: Energy efficient doesn’t mean cost efficient

In this issue: 22 Energy efficiency in LLC resonant conversion topologies 37 Better thermal design means better efficiency   Energy efficient doesn’t mean cost efficient I once had a root cellar illuminated by a single incandescent light bulb, the kind of bulb that is being phased out thanks to energy efficiency regulations. I would use

Test & Measurement Handbook

You’d have to say there are a lot of used oscilloscopes floating around. A quick search on eBay recently turned up 16,355 listings for used scopes. A Craigslist search for scopes near me in Cleveland, Ohio found 16 instruments on offer, interesting in that Cleveland is not exactly a capital of high-tech. One wonders if

Power Electronics Handbook

In this issue: 8 Teardown: What’s inside a Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush A novel ac rectification and coil-driving scheme may characterize the electronics found 14 Basics of designing with permanent magnets It can be tricky to correctly specify magnetic materials for power circuits and actuators. 26 Test Instruments help tame power factor and signal integrity

Power & Energy Efficiency Handbook

The energy efficiency scam by Leland Teschler, Executive Editor Dan Carnovale sounds extremely pissed off. He says he has three gizmos on his work bench right now that are all marketed as devices that can be hooked onto power lines to save energy. And, he claims, “All of them are garbage.” Carnovale manages the Eaton

Internet of Things Handbook

What’s Inside 16. The circuit protection for wearables and the IoT Circuit protection technologies and board layout strategies help promote safety, reliability and connectivity.22. The IoT and connected highways Dedicated short-range communication techniques could usher in connected cars and safer driving.42. A case of IoT fatigue? Market studies show consumers are less enthusiastic about connected

Test & Measurement August 2015 Handbook

No nostalgia for old test instruments The media constantly reminds us that the capabilities we can get in our laptop computers and PCs have grown exponentially over the past few decades. Though it has gotten much less press, the same phenomenon applies to electronic test instruments. For evidence, consider the Heathkit Model 10-4205 oscilloscope I

Wireless and RF Handbook: an electronic engineering resource

In this issue: • Wireless charging for your coffee maker • How to spec inductive coils • How to sniff out EMC problems • Analyzing millimeter frequencies with external harmonic mixing • Cellular amps boost mobile and M2M applications • Better materials for better antennas • Testing wireless devices for electromagnetic compatibility • Basics of

Power Electronics Handbook: A how-to electronics engineering resource

In this issue: • Power converters with GaN • How to evaluate cutting edge power semiconductors • Working with Wirewounds • Cool calculations – Thermal analysis • Choking off EMI/RFI in off-line switchers • Small batteries for wireless devices • Selecting power supply connector pins