Executive Edition—our new podcast debuts with Ryan Schroeder of IMI Precision Engineering

Design World’s editorial staff is pleased to debut our newest podcast series, Executive Edition. In this series, our editors will be talking trends in engineering with top manufacturing and OEM leaders—across multiple disciplines, including motion control, fluid power, 3D printing, bearings, connectors, mechanical power transmission, and more. Our inaugural episode, featuring Ryan Schroeder, President of

Get advance information on the cost of 3D printing your part

You have several choices when building a 3D printed part. If you choose an in-house approach, you can purchase either a desktop 3D printer or a 3D printing machine and print the part yourself. Or you can outsource the part, virtually uploading the .STL file to a service provider. When you outsource a part, you […]

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Developments in additive manufacturing service bureaus

Additive manufacturing service providers offer a range of capabilities to help you make your parts fast.  Fast Radius is an industrial manufacturer that offers services in cutting edge 3D plastic and metal printing technologies, CNC machining and rapid injection molding. But it’s the company’s On-Demand Production Platform that makes the company different from other additive […]

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Lessons in rocket science and 3D printing

Space exploration fuels David Deng’s sense of wonder and his desire to help humanity expand to that final frontier. At the same time, the University of Minnesota aerospace engineering student is well grounded about the challenges he and the student rocketry group he established face in achieving their goal of flying a rocket. Their plan—to launch […]

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Using light as a chisel

Carbon 3D recently announced new funding from several strategic investors. This funding will help Carbon bring additive technology to more customers as well as participate in the trend to shift from prototyping to applications requiring final production quality parts. New investors GE, BMW Group, Nikon and JSR, invested $81 million. With funding from existing investors, […]

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Additive manufacturing quoting made easy

Xometry, an online service provider, offers software to instantly connect you to the best manufacturing solution for your design. The manufacturing options it will recommend include CNC machining, sheet metal, professional 3D printing and casting. Recently, Xometry released an add-in quote capability for Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks. While you are working on your design, you can […]

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Devising devious designs

Network television may seem like an unlikely source for manufacturing innovation, but don’t say that to the designers of the robots competing in season two of ABC’s BattleBots (a 10-episode run started Thursday, June 23). Two competitors in the show turned to Proto Labs for prototyping and end-use parts for their warrior robots’ “devious designs,” […]

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Latest 3D printing technology manipulates liquid metal through magnetism for faster build speed

The latest 3D printing technology to emerge for working with metal materials is MagnetoJet technology from new startup, Vader Systems. This patent pending MagnetoJet technology is based on Magneto Hydro Dynamics (MHD) or the manipulation of liquid metal through magnetism, and Liquid Metal Jet Printing (LMJP). In a MagnetoJet machine, such as the Mk 1, […]

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Safety PLC ensures safe crane operation

Congestion is a problem at major construction sites as builders exploit the available building space and work to complete projects faster. The workhorse tower crane is critical to the efficiency of such sites, and crane operators often have to work in complex 3D space envelopes with many potential collision zones. But safety PLCs are helping

What’s new in metal additive manufacturing standards

Standards for metal material and additive manufacturing machines and process are under continuous development, with ASTM and ASTM International spearheading them.  Carl Dekker, President of Met-L-Flo Inc., is also…

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Is ‘open innovation’ just another word for outsourcing?

“Open innovation” techniques are getting a lot of attention because they promise to drastically speed up the process of bringing new products to market. But is OI just the buzzword of the week? Is it a fancy way of saying “outsourcing?” In this short podcast, product development expert Brad Goldense of the Goldense Group Inc.

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Editors on Topic: Self-Driving Cars

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Editors on Topic: Alien Technology and Space Exploration

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Editors on Topic: 3D Printed Guns

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Editors On Topic: Amazon Prime Air Drones

Design World editors sit down and discuss the recently announced Amazon Prime Air Drone.

Digital Controller Technology for Solid-State Lighting

Ikon Semiconductor’s integrated circuit (IC), for the dimmable LED retrofit market, is designed to meet cost and performance standards for today’s LED lighting products, while enabling greater design simplicity for bulb manufacturers and OEMs. Its IC solutions match the efficiency of comparative two-stage architectures, but with up to 25 percent fewer components. With broad dimmer

Winning the Proto Labs Cool Idea aware for the Quadshot remote controlled aircraft

The Quadshot is a remote-controlled aircraft combining the stability and control of a helicopter with the speed and maneuverability of an airplane. The creative minds behind the innovative technology just won a Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award. 

How to Choose the Right Bus for Your Measurement System

You have hundreds of different data acquisition (DAQ) devices to choose from, each with a variety of compatible buses. It can be difficult to select the right bus for your application needs. Each bus has different advantages and is optimized for throughput, latency, portability, or distance from a host. This podcast examines the most common PC bus options and

How to choose the right DAQ hardware for your measurement system

Design World Senior Editor Evan Yares speaks with Chris Delvizis, Product Manager for National Instruments, about how to choose the right DAQ hardware for your measurement system. Delvizis explains about the different type of DAQ devices that are available, and talks about the important factors you need to understand, including signal conditioning, sampling rate, resolution,

How to choose the right sensor for your measurement system

Design World Editorial Director Paul J. Heney discusses all things sensors with Jim Schwartz, CompactDAQ Product Marketing Engineer for National Instruments. Schwartz explains the types of sensors available, what they do, common measurements that they take and what kind of signals are created for each. In addition, he talks about some of the issues that