ACE Controls Inc.

For over 48 years, ACE Controls has provided superior deceleration products to meet the needs of the automotive, robotics, material handling, packaging, steel, machine tool, lumber, amusement, medical and other industries.

ACE's aggressive product planning team focuses on continuous improvement and new product development. The goal is to provide customers with cost-effective, world-class products to meet their current and future requirements in a competitive global marketplace.

In order to assure that this goal is achieved ACE utilizes the latest computer technology and CAD system software. Solid Edge enables the ACE engineering team to virtually assemble 3D designs with speed and accuracy. The Adina software system of finite element analysis allows ACE engineers to address issues in structural, thermal and fluid flow analysis.
Rigorous lab testing assures that all new ACE products are capable of meeting the most demanding deceleration challenges. Products are evaluated for endurance, cycle life and material strength.

The complete ACE Controls product range includes: industrial and safety shock absorbers, velocity and feed controllers, gas springs, hydraulic dampers, rotary dampers, TUBUS bumpers and V-Sensors for monitoring damaging unit vibration levels.

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VibroChecker: New app by ACE for vibration isolation

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ACE Controls Celebrates 50 Years of Shock Absorber Innovation

ACE Controls Inc., known for developing the world’s first adjustable shock absorber and many other innovations, recently celebrated their 50th anniversary with a reception that included their distributor base as well as their employees. In their first half century, ACE’s products have optimized technology, allowing production speed and efficiency to increase. Today ACE continues to [Read More]

Ace Controls celebrates 50 years of shock absorber innovation

It’s not everyday that you get to be a part of history. So last summer, when I was invited to take a day-trip to Farmington Hills, Mich. to...

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