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Harmonic Drive LLC engineers and manufactures precision Harmonic Drive® servo actuators, gearheads and gear component sets. They work with industry-leading customers and companies of all sizes to provide both standard product and custom-engineered servo actuators, gearheads and gear components. Harmonic Drive LLC provides high precision, high performance solutions to meet customer’s mission critical application requirements. The majority of the products sold by HDLLC are manufactured in the United States. Affiliated companies in, Japan (Harmonic Drive Systems, Inc.) and Germany (Harmonic Drive AG) provide additional manufacturing capabilities.


APPLICATIONS for Harmonic Drive products:

  • Defense: Unmanned Vehicles, Remote Weapon Stations, Antenna Pointing
  • Robotics: Industrial, Semiconductor & Flat Panel, Humanoid, Mobile Robots
  • Medical: Surgical Robots, Medical Imaging, Therapeutic, Prosthetics, Exoskeletons, Lab Automation
  • Aerospace: Solar Array Drives, Antenna Pointing, Valve Actuators, Lunar and Interplanetary Rovers
  • Machine Tool: Milling Head, Tool Changer, Rotary Table, Grinding, B & C Axis


KEY PERFORMANCE features for Harmonic Drive servo actuators, gearheads and component sets:

  • True Zero Backlash
  • Excellent positional accuracy and repeatability
  • High Torque-to-Weight and Torque-to-Volume ratios
  • Compact size
  • High Reliability
  • Single stage high reduction ratio


Gear components and gearheads are available in many configurations including hollow shaft and differential gears as well as gearheads designed to quickly connect to any servomotor. With over 50 years of experience, HDLLC’s expert engineering and production teams continually develop enabling technologies for the evolving motion control market. Sales Offices in Long Island, NY, Chicago, IL and San Jose, CA are staffed with degreed sales engineers, available to assist you with proper product selection. Additionally, application engineers are available to assist you with your concept and detailed designs, free of charge. US Headquarters and manufacturing facility, located in Peabody, MA, is ISO9001 registered.

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