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OEP Couplings manufactures a complete line of high-performance, innovative shaft couplings, precisely machined from advanced materials, using the most sophisticated machining technology available. The OEP Coupling division of Oren Elliott Products, Inc. is a continuation of an already long history of manufacturing excellence.

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Block shaft coupling advantages and disadvantages.

Coupling Tips

Advantages: Protects shaft-support bearings by exerting consistently low reactive forces, even under large misalignments Homokinetic transmission – driving and driven shafts rotate at exactly the same speed at...

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IoT and couplings: fairytale or the future?

Coupling Tips

by Mike Santora, Associate Editor Couplings connect driving elements to driven elements. But is there a connection beyond the mechanical? We asked four industry experts to give us...

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Flexible shaft couplings for high temperature applications

By: Steven Elliot • OEP Couplings Shaft couplings face many hurdles: Excessive misalignment, vibration, and exposure to chemicals and dirt can all lead to premature coupling failure. One particularly pernicious foe is elevated ambient temperature, which de-rates and degrades most types of flexible couplings. Engineers often resort to rigid couplings, instead of flexible, in high-temp [Read More]

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