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Trim-Lok brings the most experienced team in the industry toward the development of custom fabricated solutions across all of the industries it serves. Trim-lok’s product development assistance unifies industrial design, engineering rigid prototyping and manufacturing to serve their customers. Trim-lok’s product development team brings high caliber mechanical design, excellent materials knowledge, and strong manufacturing expertise. All of our processes involve continuous improvement and our employees are recognized for their contributions to this end. All aspects of Trim-Lok from custom design to engineered solutions to on- time deliveries are centered around Keeping the Customers Satisfied and our highest priority.

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Trim-Lok Announces Flammability, Smoke and Toxicity Capabilities

Trim-Lok Inc. announces the release of a Flammability, Smoke and Toxicity (FST) Certified Dense Rubber Material to expand their already extensive extrusion capabilities. This addition helps Trim-Lok serve their customers that have Smoke and Flame requirements typically required in mass transit and aviation applications. Trim-Lok’s new FST Rated Materials are certified to the highest industry [Read More]

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