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An industrial power supply is an electrical device that converts electrical current from a power source (such as the power mains feed) into the required secondary side voltage and current required for powering a load. For example, ac power from the grid can be converted into dc power to power an electronic load such as a motor or drive. Most power supplies provide voltage to a wide range of loads in concurrent fashion without letting external factors such as fluctuations in input voltage affect the output.

Many factors are important when choosing a power supply including size, electrical characteristics (such as supply voltage, output voltage, and nominal current ratings), efficiency ratings, and overload performance. Power supplies can work on both single-phase and three-phase networks and can even provide intelligent IIoT data through advanced features such as configuration and communication.

WAGO’s line of Pro 2 power supplies meets many requirements for reliability, efficiency, and size. In addition, advanced features such as a built-in electronic circuit breaker, configuration options and communication capabilities make the Pro 2 power supplies ready for the ever increasing networking and digitalization demands — all while maximizing uptime.

Industrial Power Supplies

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DIN rail-mounted industrial power-supply fundamentals

DIN rail: Basic construction and versions

Industrial components served by power supplies

The ubiquitous nature of components for DIN-rail mounting makes this standard particularly helpful … especially when panel redesigns are in order. Here, a technician need only to unclamp components, slide them to their new locations.

DIN rail-mounted industrial power supplies feed dc power to industrial components for industrial control, assembly, testing, and monitoring tasks — as well as other automation equipment.

Industrial power supplies, power converters, and complementary power components for automated operations include electrical as well as electronic components that accept electrical power from utility-company.

Signal conditioner basics

A top challenge in industrial electronics is the integration of sensing and feedback — in part because their disparate outputs require clean and safe transmission to the installation’s PLC or other primary controller. For these connections, system integrators rely on signal conditioners and isolation amplifiers. While both devices serve as an intermediary point in power and data transmission, they are different in design, functionality, and purposes.

Integrating uninterruptiblepower supplies (UPSs)

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is an electrical device that provides supplementary emergency power to the connected load when there’s a loss in the main power supply. It supplies power via a backup battery until the main power is restored. UPSs install between that regular power source and the load, with the supplied power passing through the UPS to get to the load. 


WHITEPAPER:Adding communicationto your power supply

EFFICIENCY CALCULATOR:How much money can thePro 2 save you?

This whitepaper explores the benefits that a communication-enabled power supply can have on the efficacy of an industrial control system.

Power Supply technical brochures

When a motor is being designed into a motion control system, all too often the benefits of a gearhead are realized much too late. Designing in a gearhead at the end of the project will many times cause delay and additional cost, which could have been prevented at the start of the project.


Buffer modules and redundancy modules in the context of industrial power supplies

WAGO’s new power supplies offer flexibility and efficiency

Optocoupler modules in interface electronics

Industrial power supplies and dc/dc converters

Industrial electronics operate in electrically noisy and mechanically challenging environments. The problem is that automation, control, and instrumentation components rely on accurate signals.

Industrial power supplies are components that convert electrical power to other magnitudes and types. Many industrial power supplies convert this utility-mains ac power to an appropriate form of dc power.

WAGO’s three new COMPACT power supplies offer 12 VDC making them efficient and economical for standard applications. Adding to an already extensive portfolio of 24 VDC power supplies


Industrial power supplies are electrical devices that convert a particular type and level of power (typically ac) to another — typically dc. These devices receive ac power through their input terminals.

Batteries and DIN-rail battery chargers for uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)

Backup power systems provide crucial emergency power to critical components whenever there’s a failure in a facility’s main power supply. These backup systems are indispensable at facilities involved in essential life-saving services, automated manufacturing of expensive product, and other critical operations where they help protect vital equipment and prevent expensive downtime, data loss, and time-consuming restart cycles.


Overvoltage protection in the control cabinets of industrial automation

Automated facilities commanded by industrial control cabinets rely on the components in those cabinets to work reliably even in the face of power variations. These components include local power supplies, PLCs, data loggers, networking and other communication equipment, and IO — which are all vulnerable to the detrimental effects of voltage surge.

Current transformers and voltage taps in the context of interface electronics

Current transformers or CTs are indispensable anywhere high currents are measured and processed. These instrument transformers effectively diminish high-voltage current flows for a convenient way to securely evaluate and monitor real electrical current through an ac transmission wire relying on a conventional ammeter. CTs perform this task by generating alternating current in a secondary winding that’s proportional to the current in a primary winding.

Industrial connectivity on DIN rail-mounted industrial power supplies

The industrial internet of things (IIoT or Industry 4.0) has spurring the inclusion of data-network connectivity on nearly all industrial components — including industrial power supplies. After all, precise monitoring, diagnostics, automation, and control have become critical requirements in industrial automation. 

More about WAGO Pro 2 power supplies

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