Everything is really in the drive


DunkermotorenFor almost two decades, Dunkermotoren has pioneered brushless DC motors with fully integrated control electronics at a power range up to 550 W. With the BG 75 DMC (Direct Mains Connection), Dunkermotoren has succeeded in making an external power supply unnecessary by incorporating it into the motor housing. The 550W BG 75 DMC contains the power stage electronics, control electronics, PLC functions, fieldbus interfaces, diverse encoders and brakes, and now a power supply. 20 years ago many of these functions’ components which filled a control cabinet are today fully integrated into the motor housing. Depending on the application, the control cabinet may be completely unnecessary.

To achieve the maximum possible benefit, power factor correction is also integrated, making it possible for the motor to regenerate power directly back to the AC mains when braking. This can in many cases eliminate the need for external power factor correction braking resistors. All of these functions are integrated into the motor rather than wired in a control cabinet. For the BG 75 DMC, the term ‚One cable solution‘ refers not only to the connection between motor and controller but also for the complete drive up to 230 VAC supply! Along with available planetary and worm gearboxes, the customer receives with the BG 75 DMC a complete, very compact drive unit with an output power up to 550W.


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